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SecureIT Services

SecureIT is built for computer users that need the ultimate in online security protection but don't want to become security or technology experts. Here's how:

1. Ease of use - With SecureIT you simply install it and forget it. You'll never receive annoying popups to download, upgrade, or renew. It just works for you in the background without interrupting your computer experience.

2. Comprehensive protection technology - SecureIT offers the right mix of security technology for the best protection available. With SecureIT you no longer have to try and choose from numerous products all labeled with the latest tech buzz words. We've removed the guesswork by ensuring SecureIT has everything you need to stay protected online.

3. Install help and protection guarantee - Not a computer whiz. Don't worry. With a simple phone call to 877-373-3320 or start of a chat session through the initial install screen we can install SecureIT for you. This includes removing any conflicting software and validating your computer is fully protected. And best of all, if we certify your computer during the install process we'll guarantee to keep it threat free or we'll pay you cash to get it fixed.

4. 24/7 live computer help - The only thing more frustrating than computer problems is talking to someone who only speaks in jargon or "computer-ese". Not at SecureIT. Our friendly and fully certified support technicians are all located in the Midwest and are available to help you with any questions you have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Support can be reached by phone at 877-373-3320, by online chat, or by email, whichever is most convenient for you.

Which SecureIT service is right for me?
SecureIT - $2.95/mo: We recommend it to college students, those that have tech savvy, have multiple PCs, the do-it-yourselfer, gamer, or social networking enthusiast
SecureIT Live - $4.95/mo: We recommend it to working professionals, someone with Basic computer skills and limited free time, enjoys online banking and online shopping
SecureIT Plus - $9.95/mo: We recommend it to parents, grandparents, those with limited computer skills, limited free time, limited PC maintenance knowledge, and enjoys sending digital photos and email.

SecureIt Chart

Here's what our customers say about SecureIT:
"I am extremely happy with the service I received this morning while installing SecureIT." -Matt M.

"Switching to SecureIT from our prior provider was the right thing to do. Thank you very much!" -Lynne

"My notebook PC has not worked this good in several months and I no longer have to reboot at least once per day. They (Security Coverage Technicians) are very professional and made me feel like your service is worth the cost. Please give them my compliments and thank you." -David

"We have contacted SecureIT Plus several times since you helped me install it on our new computer. I have been very pleased with your help. Thanks." - Colleen

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