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Pipho Family Dentistry

Pipho Family Dentistry

Making a visit to the dentist something you can smile about! The mother-son duo Pipho Family Dentistry understand that most people are not keen on seeing their dentists. However, Dr. Donna Pipho has made a sometimes-uncomfortable service as enjoyable as possible since she started her general dentistry practice in 1978. Dr. Pipho along with her son, Dr. Bob Pipho who joined the practice in 2008, have assembled a team of nine professionals who strive to care for their patients as if they are family. With a shared focus on creating positive customer experience, Pipho Family Dentistry has been a loyal customer of LPC Connect since day 1.

Located at 410 Highway 218 North in La Porte City, Pipho Family Dentistry depends on telephone, fax, and Fusion internet services for an efficient and productive business. “The reliability and customer service from LPC Connect ensure streamlined service. It’s our only mode of communication with our patients and we appreciate LPC Connect’s promptness and friendly service,” said Dr. Bob Pipho, co-owner. LPC Connect went the extra-mile when the practice experienced a computer networking problem. “Without LPC Connect’s knowledgeable employees, we would have been down for days,” praised Dr. Pipho.

Thank you to the owners and staff at Pipho Family Dentistry for your business, loyalty, and contributions to the La Porte City area.

NEW! Amplified and Big Button Phones

amplifiied and big button phone

Imagine not hearing your faraway grandchild’s “I love you” or not understanding what your doctor is trying to explain over the phone. If you struggle with hearing loss during phone calls, we may have a solution.

The Clarity® D703TM is designed to make it easy to dial the phone, hear it ring, and carry on conversations. It combines hearing, vision, and mobility solutions into one great value. These high-quality phones include features like programmable memory buttons, adjustable volume for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, extra-large buttons for easy dialing, and bright visual ring flasher.

Visit our office at 306 Main Street in La Porte City and let Barb and Heidi help you with your telephone equipment needs.

In An Emergency, A Landline Tells 911 Your Exact Location

If you use a cellphone to make a call to 911 — and you can’t say the address due to a medical condition or other reason — dispatchers may not be able to pinpoint your exact location quickly.

Why? In most communities, 911 systems are not equipped to provide dispatchers with specific location information from the phone record if you call from a cellphone. The best they can do is to try and get a general indication of your location based on the closest cell tower site. This data exchange can take minutes; sometimes, it doesn’t return a location at all. By contrast, if you call 911 from a landline phone, the phone record is tied to a specific physical location, and the dispatcher will be able to locate you quickly and send the appropriate help. The 911 system was designed for landline phones, and it transmits your call and your location instantly over a hard-wired connection.

While cellphone convenience is a great thing when you’re out and about, your safety and security are two important reasons to also keep a landline phone at home.

LPC Connect in Our Community - Dave Powell

Dave Powell

When you think of LPC Connect, Dave Powell is one of the employees that comes to mind. When Dave started with the La Porte City Telephone Company in 1981, local and long distance telephone service were staples in every home and business. Fast forward 34 years and Dave’s job is a lot different in many ways. As LPC Connect’s operations manager, Dave oversees the day-to-day functions of the company, working outside, and interacting with customers - which is his favorite part of his job.

Launching high-speed internet service and building the Fusion fiber-optic network are two memorable milestones that Dave led during his tenure at LPC Connect. Dave and his team at LPC Connect are launching the new “Cans for our Community” initiative to raise money for civic projects in La Porte City. Outside of work, Dave has devoted time raising his two grown sons, Dallas and Damon. As an avid outdoorsman, he loves boating and fishing on the Mississippi, spending time at his cabin in Guttenberg, golfing, and bow hunting.

Join us in thanking Dave for setting an example for great customer service and technology expertise!

Everything You Need To Know About TVEverywhere

tablet, mobile phone and laptop

It’s a free service available to subscribers of qualifying FusionTV packages. With WatchTVEverywhere, you can watch some of your favorite channels and programming — including live TV and full episodes of current TV shows — on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

You can use TVEverywhere anywhere you have an internet connection such as hotels, vacation homes, airports, and restaurants. TVEverywhere is also handy to use at home when you want an extra “TV screen.”

The first step is to complete a one-time registration: • Go to and select LPC Connect in the drop-down menu. • Click the Register link. • Complete the registration form. • Check your email. You will receive a message with an activation link. • Click on the link to complete the registration process.

After you’ve registered with TVEverywhere, click “Log In,” and enter your username and password. Then click on the TV network you want to watch, and you’ll see a list of available TVEverywhere programs. You can watch any TVEverywhere program as long as it’s on a network you subscribe to through your LPC Connect FusionTV package.

If you have questions about TVEverywhere, call us at 319-342-3369.

Empowering the Community Against Fraud

Personal Fraud Prevention Workshop

Thank you to all who attended the Personal Fraud Protection workshop in July. We extend our sincere appreciation to Chief Larry Feaker from the La Porte City Police Department for sharing examples of area fraud cases

Visit: for the latest scam alerts and how you can protect yourself from fraud.

LPC Connect Partners with Thriftway to Feed the Hungry

LPC Connect tote bag filled with food itemsBeginning November 1 through December 31, LPC Connect is partnering with Thriftway in La Porte City to combat hunger over the holidays by asking for your donations to stock the LPC Food Pantry. Visit Thriftway, pick up an LPC Connect grocery tote, and use this tote to fill it with non-perishable food items or personal care products. For every five totes donated from purchases made at Thriftway, they will donate one tote of groceries to the LPC Connect Food Pantry.

LPC Connect is also collecting Food Pantry donations at our office on 306 Main Street in La Porte City.

To participate in our Feed the Hungry Program:
1. Pick up a grocery tote at Thriftway.
2. Fill it with non- perishable food items or personal care products while you shop
3. Leave the tote at Thriftway and they will donate one tote of groceries for every five totes donated by Thriftway patrons to the LPC Food Pantry

LPC Connect's 8th Annual Mitten Tree Program Underway

Shirley Bagentos

Pictured is Shirley Bagenstos who handmakes cold weather gear throughout the year and donates them to LPC Connect’s Mitten Tree. LPC Connect is hosting the Mitten Tree Program again this year through Christmas. We are collecting new or handmade hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves for people within our community who are in need. This is an opportunity for individuals, families, groups and businesses to support a local program and help children and adults stay warm during the winter months. The proceeds will go to families of Black Hawk, Benton and Tama counties.

As an added bonus, LPC Connect customers who make a donation to the Food Pantry or Mitten Tree will be entered into a drawing for a LPC Connect gift package.

Please contact Barb or Heidi at 319-342-3369, or visit us at for details.

evergreen branch

You’re Invited to LPC Connect’s
Holiday Customer Appreciation Celebration

Friday, December 1st from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

We’re hosting our annual Holiday Customer Appreciation Celebration at 306 Main Street, La Porte City to say thanks for being an LPC Connect customer in 2017.

You’ll be treated to holiday refreshments and enter for a chance to win door prizes.

Esquire and Universal HD to be Removed from FusionTV Premier Package

As of June 28, 2017, Esquire will be removed from our FusionTV Premier package because NBC Universal will cease distributing this network. On July 15, 2017 Universal HD will be removed from FusionTV Premier HD for the same reason. It has always been our goal to provide our customers with a variety of programming accompanied by the very best local experience possible. Unfortunately, we do not have any control when networks owners decide to discontinue a channel.

Please contact us at (319) 342-3369 if you have any questions.

La Porte City FFA Historical and Ag MuseumBusiness Spotlight
La Porte City FFA Historical and Ag Museum

Described as “one of the best kept secrets in Northeast Iowa,” the La Porte City FFA Historical and Ag Museum is located at 408 Main Street in La Porte City and was founded by volunteers in 1970. The multi-level museum boasts 8000 square feet of exhibits which are changed annually and reflect a wide range of historical topics. In addition to this main museum, three buildings comprise our Rural Iowa Heritage Center: a historic 1878 fire station, jail house, and a circa 1861 log cabin. This center is dedicated to celebrating the life of pioneer families, rural communities, and agriculture. Approximately 2,500 guests visit the Museum each year from all over the United States.

Jan Erdahl, museum manager, relies on LPC Connect’s telephone and internet services to connect the museums’ many video exhibits and information kiosks which offers an enhanced experience to the guests. Jan noted, “LPC Connect not only provides excellent service, but is a partner in the community sets them apart. Through their network they provide grants that have helped us to purchase needed items, including an inventory system to photograph, catalog, and maintain a history on all the items in the Museum. This will insure that accurate records will be kept for perpetuity. We appreciate their ownership in developing and supporting the La Porte City community by giving back through the grant program as well as their participation in supporting numerous community events.“.

LPC Connect is grateful this area treasure is keeping our pioneer spirit alive at the La Porte City FFA Historical and Ag Museum and Rural Iowa Heritage Center. Thank you for your business!

Aureon Provides Quality Charity Grants to Iowan Communities

Aureon Charity Grant given to Hawkins Memorial Library LPC FFA/Ag Museum Receives Grant from Aureon

Aureon is pleased to announce that an Aureon Charity Grant has been awarded to two local organizations within LPC Connect’s service area. Hawkins Memorial Library in La Porte City received a grant for $300.00 to purchase cabinetry. The FFA Historical and Ag Museum received $250.00 to buy a showcase cube for the museum. Upon reviewing an abundance of applications, our Aureon Charity Grant Committee delegated funds to projects committed to the betterment of local Iowan communities. The grant was presented in conjunction with LPC Connect who sponsored the grant application.

Aureon, the new name for Iowa Network Services, created the grant program in 1993 to increase service and support to rural independent telecommunications companies and the communities they serve. The Aureon Charity Grant Program awards grants on a quarterly basis. Over the course of twelve years, Aureon has donated over $850,000 to local communities and their surrounding areas. We believe in rewarding various organizations for their passion and dedication to advancing their own neighborhoods. Each proposal that is chosen by our Grant Committee reflects the organization's enthusiasm for serving their communities. Aureon looks forward to aiding future community-improvement projects and extends our best wishes to your own community development.

Get an Aureon Charity Grant Program application.

LPC Connect in Your Community - Heidi Barz

Heidi Barz

LPC Connect is fortunate to have a great team of professionals who not only take pride in their work, but also dedicate countess hours to serving the community. Heidi Barz, an LPC Connect customer service representative since 2002, is known for her volunteerism and spirit of service. Heidi is involved with Inner City Slickers, she is the treasurer for the La Porte City Women’s Club, and she serves as the financial secretary at the American Lutheran Church. Heidi and her husband of 25 years, Jon, have two children in college, Samantha and Alex. Outside of work and her volunteer commitments, Heidi enjoys decorating, gardening, golfng, biking, running, and spending time with her family and her dog, Izzy.

We are proud of Heidi and her contributions to the La Porte City and Mount Auburn communities.

Answers to Your Questions about the Universal Service Fund

The USF is a government-administered fund (not a government-paid fund) to support the provision of telecommunications services in rural and high-cost areas, to low-income consumers, and to schools, libraries, and healthcare facilities nationwide. All telecommunications customers contribute to the USF on an equal basis. Congress authorized the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to implement the USF.

The Universal Service High-Cost Program is designed to ensure that consumers in rural and high-cost areas have access to telecommunications services at rates that are affordable and reasonably comparable to those in urban areas. The program fulfills this universal service goal by allowing eligible carriers, including LPC Connect, who serve these areas to recover some of their operating costs from the USF. The fund reimbursement is based only on local phone service subscriptions. Will I continue to be required to subscribe to local phone service to receive broadband internet and FusionTV services? Yes. Since the FCC continues to base USF reimbursement on local phone line subscriptions, we must keep this requirement in place. If we did not require a phone line subscription, LPC Connect would not receive USF funding, and the rates for broadband internet and cable TV service would have to go up. We do anticipate changes to this requirement in the future, but it will need to remain in place as long as USF is based only on local phone networks.

We’ve upgraded our network so that all customers, no matter how rural, can receive 100% fiber-optic broadband internet and FusionTV services.

You can contact the FCC as well as your U.S. Senators or Congressman. Please encourage them to seek USF reform that is less burdensome to rural Americans and rural communication service providers.

Accelerated speeds of our Internet plans for the same low priceLPC Connect Increases Broadband Speeds to Area Customers
• Faster Internet Speeds for the same Low Price •

LPC Connect is pleased to announce that we have raised Internet speeds for all Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond high-speed Internet customers throughout La Porte City, Mount Auburn, and the surrounding rural areas we serve. Better yet, this Internet speed increase benefits both residential and business customers for no extra cost! There is nothing you need to do, as your speeds increased automatically.

  • Fusion Silver customers increased from 10Mbps/1Mbps to 20Mpbs/5Mbps
  • Fusion Gold customers increased from 20Mbps/2Mbps to 50Mbps/10Mpbs
  • Fusion Platinum customers increased from 30Mbps/3Mbps to 75Mpbs/15Mbps
  • Fusion Diamond customers increased from 50Mbps/5Mbps to 100Mbps/25Mbps

“LPC Connect’s 100% fiber-optic Fusion Network delivers the best broadband experience to our area combined with local customer service and support. Upgrading Internet speeds to our customers enables them to connect more devices online at the same time while streaming their favorite content,” said Chris Hopp, LPC Connect’s general manager.

Earlier this year we surveyed our customers and we received high marks in the areas of customer service, up-to-date products and services, local involvement in the community, knowledgeable employees, responsiveness, and service quality. Customers also appreciate that LPC Connect offers unlimited Internet plans, while many providers are choosing to meter broadband plans and imposing data caps on their Internet plans.

“LPC Connect employees are the people you will run into at church, ballgames, community celebrations, and donating their time to a variety of community groups. We care about making a difference,” said Hopp.

If you have questions about your new Internet speeds, please call us at (319) 342-3369

Georgia Reiter of Photographic Images by GeorgiaPhotographic Images by Georgia depends on LPC Connect's High-speed Internet, Telephone Service and Local Support

Photographic Images by Georgia was founded in 1996 by Georgia Reiter who is the sole proprietor and photographer. This community mainstay located at 1344 53rd Street in La Porte City. Georgia specializes in photographing weddings, portraits, commercial, and sports photography, with high school seniors being most of her clientele.

Georgia is multi-talented and when asked what makes her business unique, she said, “I work with my customers from start to finish, so I am fully aware of their requests. I can conveniently take both indoor and outdoor photographs for my clients at my location, with a wide variety of outdoor settings. They do not have the pressure of a time limit, with appointments set too close together. My indoor studio can handle large groups for family portraits. I have several years of experience, so I am comfortable working with children and photographing weddings, as they can require a lot of patience.”

LPC Connect has been serving Photographic Images by Georgia since 2014 with telephone, high-speed Internet and FusionTV services. What makes her most appreciate LPC Connect? “The telephone service provides a local number, for ease of contact and listing my business in the phone book. High-speed internet helps me be more productive in ordering my photographs online. With the large digital files and albums being uploaded, it is extremely important to have an internet provider that will streamline my orders as quickly as they do. Having the internet running without constant problems has been great! Local service with someone on the other end of the phone that will provide answers and help immediately is worth more than anything,” noted Reiter.

Georgia spoke highly of a recent experience with LPC Connect. “We recently remodeled and moved the location for our television. The access they had to work with was a difficult job, but they were successful and very competent,” praised Georgia.

For superior quality photography that will capture memories for generations, call Photographic Images by Georgia at (319)342-3602.

For information on reliable Internet service with hometown support, contact LPC Connect at (319)342-3369.

Aureon Charity Grant given to Hawkins Memorial LibraryAureon Provides Charity Grant to Hawkins Memorial Library

Aureon is pleased to announce that an Aureon Charity Grant has been awarded to the Hawkins Memorial Library in La Porte City. They received a grant for $500.00 to purchase new book bins. Upon reviewing an abundance of applications, our Aureon Charity Grant Committee delegated funds to projects committed to the betterment of local Iowan communities. The grant was presented in conjunction with LPC Connect who sponsored the grant application.

Aureon, the new name for Iowa Network Services, created the grant program in 1993 to increase service and support to rural independent telecommunications companies and the communities they serve. The Aureon Charity Grant Program awards grants on a quarterly basis. Over the course of twelve years, Aureon has donated over $850,000 to local communities and their surrounding areas. We believe in rewarding various organizations for their passion and dedication to advancing their own neighborhoods. Each proposal that is chosen by our Grant Committee reflects the organization's enthusiasm for serving their communities. Aureon looks forward to aiding future community-improvement projects and extends our best wishes to your own community development.

Scholarship Opportunity through Iowa Communications Alliance

Iowa Communications AllianceWe are happy to share a scholarship opportunity with you. LPC Connect is a member of the Iowa Communications Alliance (ICA), making this scholarship opportunity available to any high school senior who receives service from LPC Connect. One or more $2,500 college scholarships are available. The purpose of this support is to aid students from rural areas across Iowa with financial assistance to pursue higher education.

Students must complete the application online at

The application deadline is March 24, 2017.

See the Scholarship Application Guidelines for complete information.

Please contact us at (319) 342-3369 if you have any questions.

Aureon Network Services Scholarship Program

Aureon Network Services Scholarship ProgramThe Aureon Network Services Scholarship Program is available to students pursuing a STEM-related course of study and those residing in the trade area of an Iowa Independent Telecommunications Company.

Scholarship awards will range between $500-$1,000.

The deadline in midnight April 30, 2017.

See the for eligibility guidelines and application instructions.

When to Reboot your Router and When to Replace it


It may seem simple, but one of the easiest ways to fix a wide variety of technical issues is to simply reboot (or restart) the device, including your router. This is because routers are like small computers that use memory, a processor, and an operating system. And like your desktop or laptop computer, routers also benefit from a fresh start every now and then.

For example, if your internet service goes down at your home, the first thing to try is to reboot your wireless router. It’s a quick process that will often take care of the problem:

1. Unplug your router from its power outlet (don’t just turn it off ).

2. Wait about a minute, then plug it back in.

3. Allow the device a minute or two to turn back on.

For help troubleshooting your current router or selecting a new model, call LPC Connect at (319)342-3369.

Crooks Use Caller ID Spoofing to Wear “Mask” of a Local Phone Number

crook using caller ID spoof

One of the best ways to avoid phone scams has traditionally been to not answer calls from numbers that you do not recognize on your Caller ID. But crooks have a sneaky way around this. With Caller ID spoofing, they are able to make it appear as if their calls are coming from a local phone number. They literally hide behind the “mask” of a legitimate phone number in order to increase the likelihood that you’ll pick up the phone.

How does it work? Caller ID spoofing providers allow individuals and organizations to dictate what phone number they want to appear when they place calls. They pay for a certain number of call minutes, then use an online interface to enter their phone number, the number to be called, and the number they want to appear in the recipient’s Caller ID. The Caller ID spoofing service then makes the call on the spoofer’s behalf.

The goal of this scam is to try and get you to reveal personal information such as account numbers, passwords, and Social Security numbers. To avoid becoming a victim of Caller ID spoofing, take the following precautions:

• Never give out personal information over the phone, such as account numbers, unless you initiate the call.

• If you receive a call requesting information, ask for the name of the organization that is calling. Then, call that organization, using the phone number on your bill or statement — NOT the number on your Caller ID. If the call is legitimate, you will be transferred to the appropriate department. If it’s not legitimate, you can inform the organization of the spoofing incident.

To learn more about Caller ID spoofing, visit

There May Be More Than Roots Underground - Call 811 Before You Dig

call 811

All sorts of utility lines, pipes, and cables could be buried on your property. In some cases, they’re close to the surface and easily damaged by even shallow digging, which can result in service interruptions to your neighborhood.

That’s why every digging job — from planting a bush to installing a fence — requires a call to 811 to have utility lines marked. Simply tell the operator where you’re planning to dig and what type of work you’ll be doing. The affected local utilities will send a locator to your property, free of charge. Then you’ll know what’s below and be able to dig safely.

As one of your local service providers, we thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Cloo to be removed from FusionTV Premier package as of February 1, 2017

As of February 1, 2017, Cloo will be removed from our FusionTV Premier package because NBC Universal will cease distributing this network.

It has always been our goal to provide our customers with a variety of programming accompanied by the very best local experience possible. Unfortunately, we do not have any control when networks owners decide to discontinue a channel.

Please contact us at (319) 342-3369 if you have any questions.

Motorhead Mayhem owner and employeesMotorhead Mayhem Service & Repair relies on great Internet and Telephone Service from LPC Connect

Corey Neuendorf, owner of Motorhead Mayhem Service & Repair, located at 512 Main Street in La Porte City, founded his business in August 2012 to service and repair vehicles the way they were taught many years ago. Corey’s goal is to provide top-notch vehicle repair at a fair price with quality parts. The staff of five employees serve customers near and far and they appreciate each and every customer they have.

Motorhead Mayhem Service & Repair provides a unique value to their customers by offering basic engine scanning and tire pressure monitor checks at no cost. Neuendorf relies on his great Internet and telephone service from LPC Connect to keep his business productive and efficient. “If we have had any problems, we get immediate attention (from LPC Connect) to keep us running,” noted Corey. Delivering on LPC Connect’s commitment to providing quality connections, they went the extra mile when a contractor damaged Motorhead Mayhem’s phone line. “We were repaired in less than one hour,” praised the owner.

We appreciate Motorhead Mayhem’s business and we wish you much success in the future!

Ransomware Facts and Tips

Ransomware on laptop

As technology evolves, the prevalence of ransomware attacks is growing among businesses and consumers alike. It’s important for digital citizens to be vigilant about basic digital hygiene in an increasingly connected world.

Ransomware is a type of malware that accesses a victim’s files, locks and encrypts them and then demands the victim to pay a ransom to get them back. Cybercriminals use these attacks to try to get users to click on attachments or links that appear legitimate but actually contain malicious code. Ransomware is like the “digital kidnapping” of valuable data – from personal photos and memories to client information, financial records and intellectual property. Any individual or organization could be a potential ransomware target.

We can all help protect ourselves – and our organizations – against ransomware and other malicious attacks by following these STOP. THINK. CONNECT. tips:
• Keep all machines clean: Keep the software on all Internet-connected devices up to date. All critical software, including computer and mobile operating systems, security software and other frequently used programs and apps, should be running the most current versions.
• Get two steps ahead: Turn on two-step authentication – also known as two-step verification or multi-factor authentication – on accounts where available. Two-factor authentication can use anything from a text message to your phone to a token to a biometric like your fingerprint to provide enhanced account security.
• Back it up: Protect your valuable work, music, photos and other digital information by regularly making an electronic copy and storing it safely.
• Make better passwords: A strong password is a sentence that is at least 12 characters long. Focus on positive sentences or phrases that you like to think about and are easy to remember.
• When in doubt, throw it out: Links in email, social media posts and online advertising are often how cybercriminals try to steal your personal information. Even if you know the source, if something looks suspicious, delete it.
• Plug & scan: USBs and other external devices can be infected by viruses and malware. Use your security software to scan them.

Get comprehensive computer protection and local support with SecureIT Plus starting at $7.95/mo.
Call 319-342-3369 for more information.

*Courtesy of the National Cyber Security Alliance.

LPC Connect in Your Community - Barb Bader

Barb Bader

Each day LPC Connect and its employees enrich the lives of many area citizens. In addition to providing financial support to meet community needs, employees offer their time and talents to worthwhile causes. Since October 2001, Barb Bader, customer service representative at LPC Connect has been making a positive impact to both our customers and the community. Barb is active in the La Porte City Women’s Club, serves as the secretary for the La Porte City Chamber of Commerce, and coordinating various charitable initiatives at LPC Connect. Barb lost her husband, Ron, to colon cancer in 2014 she is raising awareness to fight for a cure through working with the American Cancer Society Coaches vs. Cancer event. Barb is responsible for monthly billing in addition to day-to-day customer service tasks and everything between cleaning the office to administrative duties. “I love working with customers and the community whenever I can,” Barb commented. She keeps a busy pace outside of work by attending her children’s sports at Wartburg College. Both juniors, Breann plays volleyball and Bo plays basketball. When asked about her tenure, Barb noted, “During the last 15 years working at LPC Connect, which was LPC Telephone when I started, we have had a lot new opportunities for our customers. Connecting La Porte City and Mount Auburn to faster internet and new services, such as FusionTV, because of our fiber-to-the-home project has been exciting to be a part of.”

Barb’s contributions to our communities are an example for exemplary service and dedication with heart.

emergency vehicle FCC/FEMA Tips for Emergency Communication

When weather-related emergencies strike, it’s important for your safety to be prepared and stay connected:

• Traditional landline telephone service usually works during electric power outages but you may need to use a corded phone; many cordless home phones rely on electric power to operate.
• If a storm is coming, charge your wireless phone; keep an extra battery and a car charger on hand. Also, charge your laptop or tablet.
• Broadcasters are an important source of news during emergencies. Keep a battery-operated, solar-powered, or hand-crank-operated radio or portable television for use during power outages.

• Limit non-emergency phone calls. This will minimize network congestion, free up “space” on the network for emergency communications, and conserve battery power if you are using a wireless phone. If you do need to make a call, try to keep it brief.
• Call 911 only for emergencies. Learn and use the designated number in your state for highway accidents or other non-life-threatening incidents.
• If you do not have electric power in your home and are using your car to charge wireless phones or listen to news on the car radio, be careful. Remain vigilant about carbon monoxide emissions from your car, especially if it is in a closed space.

To learn about the value of landlines during emergencies, call LPC Connect at 319-342-3369.

Want to help our community win? Support the LPC Connect Team!

Mitch Harrison

When you choose LPC Connect as your communications provider, the benefits go well beyond your home or business to places throughout our community. Each year, we donate generously to local nonprofit organizations including these. Because you support us, we can support them.
• American Cancer Society Coaches vs. Cancer
• Cedar Valley Soccer Club
• Festival of Trails Celebration
• Hawkins Memorial Library
• Honor Flight
• Knights Youth Football Club
• La Porte City Chamber of Commerce
• La Porte City FFA Ag Museum
• La Porte City Fire Department
• La Porte City Little League
• La Porte City Preschool
• La Porte City Women’s Club
• Mount Auburn Fire Department
• The Lord’s Food Pantry
• Union Booster Club
• Union Community School
• Union High School Activities– Baseball, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Dance Team, Yearbook
• Union Robotic Teams

Unlike our national competitors, we care about more than just making a profit. We care about making a difference.

Quickly iprove your New Year with Faster InternetQuickly Improve your New Year with Faster Internet

Speeding up your internet is an easy resolution to achieve, especially with this New Year’s deal. Plus, it may help with your other resolutions — reduce stress by getting rid of too-slow internet, and have more fun with a better streaming experience.

Get up to 30 Mbps for just $69.95/mo.* with an LPC Savings Pak.

Call 319-342-3369 for a speedier 2017

*Service availability will depend on location. Certain restrictions apply. All prices subject to change. Contact us for details.

Quickly iprove your New Year with Faster InternetCommunity Donated Generously to Mitten Tree

With outstanding community support, LPC Connect was able to help feed and clothe those in need in our community through our annual Food Pantry and Mitten Tree Drive.

Barb Bader and Heidi Barz, LPC Connect Customer Service Representatives, coordinate these programs and work directly with schools and organizations in LPC Connect’s service area. Non-perishable food items, hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves are donated by employees and customers.

Our thanks to Barb, Heidi, and to everyone who participated this past holiday season!

Congratulations to Union as they advance two teams to state competition.

The Union Knights volleyball team will play at the State Volleyball Tournament at the US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids on Wednesday, November 9.

The Union Knights will face Mount Vernon in one of the Class 2A semi-final games to be played in the UNI-Dome on Saturday, November 12.

Go Knights!!

9th Annual Chocolate Walk on October 27, 2016

strawberry dipped in chocolate

The La Porte City Chamber of Commerce will host their 9th annual Chocolate Walk on October 27, 2016. Businesses in La Porte City will be offering chocolate treats from 5:30 – 8 p.m. Enjoy a sweet evening and stroll from business to business enjoying chocolate martinis, homemade truffles, chocolate fountains, chocolate dipped strawberries and cake balls, just to name a few. The Chocolate Walk is a great opportunity to visit businesses you may not always get a chance to see and get a taste of what La Porte City has to offer for the holidays! Barb and Heidi will be serving chocolate sensations at the LPC Connect office on Main Street. Please stop by for a chocolate temptation on Thursday, October 27, 2016!

LPC Connect in Your Community - Mitch Harrison

Mitch Harrison

LPC Connect is deeply dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve. Mitch Harrison, outside central office plan technician for LPC Connect since 2010, is committed to giving back to the area. Soon after moving to the area, Mitch joined the La Porte City Fire Department because of his desire to become involved in the community and to help people in need. He was a training officer and received his 5-year fire department certificate. He is actively involved with fundraising as a volunteer at the LPC Firemen’s annual fish fry and benefit auction. He also drives the fire truck in the Festival of Trails parade and serves sandwiches each year at the department’s brat stand. Recently, Mitch was involved in the Mark Harrison Fish On Cancer Awareness, after losing his father to stomach and liver cancer.

Mitch is married to Jenna and has a 10-month old son, Carter.

We are proud of Mitch and his contributions the La Porte City and Mount Auburn communities.

Aureon provides Quality Charity Grants to Iowan Communities

Aureon Grant recipients

Aureon, in conjunction with LPC Connect, is pleased to announce that Aureon Charity Grants have been awarded to two organizations within LPC Connect’s service area. Hawkins Memorial Library received a grant for $500.00 and the La Porte City FFA Historical and Ag Museum received a grant for $300.00.

Upon reviewing an abundance of applications, our Aureon Charity Grant Committee delegated funds to projects committed to the betterment of local Iowan communities. The grants were presented in conjunction with LPC Connect who sponsored the grant application.

Aureon, the new name for Iowa Network Services, created the grant program in 1993 to increase service and support to rural independent telecommunications companies and the communities they serve. The Aureon Charity Grant Program awards grants on a quarterly basis. Over the course of twelve years, Aureon has donated over $850,000 to local communities and their surrounding areas.

For more information about the Aureon Charity Grant Program, call Barb Bader or Heidi Barz at (319) 342-3369.

"We believe in rewarding various organizations for their passion and dedication to advancing their own neighborhoods."


Improve the Speed of your WiFi Network

family using a laptop

If your Wi-Fi router is out of date or not set up correctly, it could be slowing down your Internet speed. Here are some tips to help you maximize router performance:

Buy a new router that supports 802.11ac. One of the best ways to make sure your network is as fast and reliable as possible is to use up-to-date hardware that supports the latest standards. With all the devices in your home, it’s more important than ever to have a wireless router that can handle the increased demand for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Move your router to its ideal position. For the best signal and coverage, put your router in an open space near the center of your home. Keep it away from thick walls made of brick or concrete, and make sure it’s not around metal items which can reflect Wi-Fi signals.

Make sure your router is secured using WPA2 with AES. The latest two standards, 802.11n and 802.11ac, don’t operate at the highest possible rates when either the client or router use WPA or TKIP. Putting a password on your router or limiting which devices can access your network will keep other people in the neighborhood from using your network and slowing it down.

Reduce interference by removing or minimizing the use of interfering devices. These include baby monitors, older cordless phones, microwave ovens, wireless speakers, and some security cameras.

Make sure your router is configured to automatically identify and use the least congested frequency. Or you can manually choose the best non-overlapping channel. Slow Wi-Fi speeds may be the result of interference from your neighbors’ Wi-Fi networks as all the devices compete to use the same channel. For example, if neighbors are downloading a Netflix movie using the same Wi-Fi channel as your home’s Wi-Fi router, your router and devices may only get thin slices of “air time” to talk.

Stop by LPC Connect or call 319-342-3369 for help selecting a new router. We stock and install a variety of routers designed to meet a customer’s individual needs.
Article courtesy of Cornerstone Group

6 Things you don't have to do with a Landline Phone

couple with landline phone Having a corded landline phone at home provides you with many benefits including consistently clearer voice quality than a cell phone. However, did you ever stop to consider all of the little annoying things you don’t have to do with your landline phone?

Here are our favorites:

  • You don’t have to think about signal strength.
  • You don’t have to remember to charge the battery.
  • You don’t have to run around the house looking for it when it rings.
  • You don’t have to be careful not to drop it and break the screen.
  • You don’t have to worry about losing your phone.
  • You don’t have to take time to do software upgrades.

Sometimes, keeping things simple is simply better.

Watch Out for Tech Support Scams

Warning Scam Alert When you communicate with tech support, you want them to help you solve computer problems, not create them! Yet, that’s exactly what scammers pretending to be tech support personnel are doing.

Here’s how it works: Pop-up ads claiming to sell fixes for your computer lead you to a website to download the software. The website includes a phone number for you to call to “register” the software. When you call, the person on the other end of the line requests information, such as passwords or remote access to your computer. Using remote access, they “examine” your computer and tell you that it has problems that need additional “solutions.” They then ask for your credit card number to purchase these so-called solutions that don’t actually do anything. While they’re at it, they may infect your computer with malware or use your financial information to commit credit card fraud.

In a variation of this scam, tricksters call you and claim that they’re on the tech support team at Microsoft or another well-known technology company. They go through the same process of accessing your computer, getting credit card or other information, and then causing trouble.


  • Never give access to your computer to someone who calls you out of the blue.
  • To contact tech support, call the number you already have for your hardware or software.
  • Never provide credit card information, passwords, or other sensitive data to someone claiming to be a tech support representative.
  • Protect your computer from viruses.
  • Learn how to avoid identity theft.

If you fear you may already have been a victim, check your computer for malware, change passwords you may have given out, and reverse any associated credit card charges. Protect your computer with fully-automated anti-virus software with SecureIT services from LPC Connect starting at just $4.95/month.
Article courtesy of Cornerstone Group

Go Green with LPC Connect Paperless Billing and E-Z Pay

Would you like to receive your LPC Connect monthly statement via email? It’s simple with paperless billing from LPC Connect. You can receive your monthly statement by email only, or by both email and regular mail.

Combine paperless billing with E-Z Pay and the process of paying your LPC Connect bill each month is made faster and easier. You’ll save money on paper checks and postage, and you’ll save time.

The amount due each month will be automatically paid via the checking account or savings account you select. No more worries about late fees, since you know your payments will be made on time.

By helping LPC Connect cut down on the use of paper bills, you also help conserve natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

Call Barb or Heidi at 319-342-3369 to sign up today!

Get off the Sidelines and Score Big with a Bundle

football players

If your goal is to get the best deal on your TV, Internet and phone services, there's no better game plan than to run with an LPC Savings Pak. You'll save money every month with this winning strategy, plus you'll enjoy the convenience of getting all of your communications from us - the home team with a dedicated lineup of players.

Build your bundle and add up the savings! For example, our LPC Savings Pak includes Residential Service, Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling and more. It can save you hundreds of dollars each year!

FusionTV Premier - Save $5.00/month
Silver, Gold or Platinum Fusion Internet - Save $5.00-$10.00/month
SecureIT Live - Save $1.00/month
SecureIT Plus - Save $2.00/month
Unlimited Long Distance - Save $10.00/month

Call Heidi or Barb at (319) 342-3369 and sign up for an LPC Savings Pak today!

Cedar Valley Trust staff membersCedar Valley Bank & Trust Credits LPC Connect for Lending a Helping Hand

"It’s all about you" is their motto. Cedar Valley Bank & Trust’s highest priority is serving and supporting the communities and customers they consider friends and neighbors, according to David Coulter, who is president and owner of the bank formerly known as Mount Auburn Savings Bank. Coulter says what makes Cedar Valley Bank & Trust unique is that they focus on customers’ individual needs. “You can get everything you need from one place. From opening a child’s first savings account to financing a home purchase to planning for a comfortable retirement, Cedar Valley Bank & Trust can help you. We have all the products you can get at a large regional bank. When you call the bank, you get us, not a machine. A handshake is still important to us,” added Coulter. Both LPC Connect and Cedar Valley Bank & Trust share these same core values.

The relationship between LPC Connect and Cedar Valley Bank & Trust spans over a century, as the bank has been an LPC Connect customer since 1907. More recently, LPC Connect installed a VLAN between the La Porte City and Vinton offices, which provides an uninterrupted Ethernet connection allowing for the staff of 15 employees to perform critical business functions. They also subscribe to telephone and Internet services from LPC Connect.

Cedar Valley Bank & Trust benefits not just from LPC Connect’s services, but also from their customer service. Coulter points out, “We appreciate the quick response time from LPC Connect when we have phone or internet problems. We previously had worked with a large phone service in the Vinton office and we appreciate how LPC Connect understands when we have an urgent need that needs to be repaired quickly in order for us to continue to do business. Having a locally owned phone and Internet provider right across the street from us has been very helpful to our business. We get service quick and done right, which is essential to our business.”

Jesse Wasson Award to Jon and Heidi Barz

Jon and Heidi Barz

Jon and Heidi Barz were presented with the 2016 Jesse Wasson Award at a ceremony during the LPC Lions Festival of Trails Celebration June 16, 2016. Established in 1980, the Jesse Wasson Award is designed to honor members of the community who have distinguished themselves as caring, committed citizens who are dedicated to community betterment. The award is named after the City’s founder, Dr. Jesse Wasson.

Jon, co-owner of Restoration Services, Inc., and Heidi, a Customer Service Representative with LPC Connect, have made contributions to the community through their involvement in a wide range of activities connected to local service organizations, Union schools and their church.

Jon and Heidi Barz embody the spirit of the Jesse Wasson Award through their community- minded attitude and willingness to help whenever and wherever needed.

Congratulations Jon and Heidi on receiving this distinguished award and thank you for your contributions to the community!

LPC Connect in Your Community - Kraig DeVries

Kraig-DeVries coaching youth teams

LPC Connect works for you, our customers. We are a company that provides local jobs and whose taxes are kept locally. We give back to the communities we serve through civic memberships and employee volunteerism in the roles of coaches, workers, committee members, organizers, leaders, and more.

Kraig DeVries, LPC Connect’s plant technician, has been actively involved with several youth programs after moving to La Porte City form Wilton, Iowa. Kraig shares his time and talent as a youth baseball, basketball, and football coach for more than seven years in addition to being a Boy Scout leader for 5 years.

Kraig is married to Sue and has two sons Reece and Ryan, which fuels his passion for working with kids. “I love being involved and working with the youth programs,” commented DeVries.

Thank you for your commitment to the LPC Connect community, Kraig!

LPC Connect FusionTV Update - Effective May 31, 2016

LPC Connect has received notification from iN DEMAND that they will cease delivery of Pay-Per-View (PPV) movie channels 384 - 387 effective May 31, 2016. As stated in their notification, the decision to cease delivery of these channels was driven by the evolution of VOD movie content and the continued industry-wide decline of PPV movie rental business.
The removal of the PPV movie channels does not affect the PPV event channels offered. iN DEMAND will continue to provide the PPV event channels including 380 and 383.

Direct questions to LPC Connect Customer Service at (319) 342-3369.

Need Cash For College? Learn about the INS Scholarship ProgramINS Network Services Scholarship Program

Iowa Network Services has established the INS Scholarship Program for students pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). High school juniors and graduating seniors during the 2015-2016 school year are eligible. Scholarship awards ranging between $500- $1,000 will be offered to students who have outstanding academic and achievement records. Alpine Communications customers are eligible to offer the INS Scholarship.

Eligible students can begin submitting their entries beginning March 15, 2016 through midnight April 15, 2016. Applicant eligibility and submission requirements are available at The application form is located at

Sun Outages May Affect Your TV Picture

If your TV picture momentarily turns snowy or blurry during the month of March, it's probably from a sun outage. This is a natural phenomenon, which occurs twice a year (in the spring and fall).

During these brief "eclipse" periods — when the receive antenna on the earth, the satellite, and the sun are in direct alignment — the sun's focused "noise" energy overwhelms the video signal from the satellite. Reception becomes degraded and eventually impossible for a brief period of time, usually less than 15 minutes. All communications providers using satellites experience this effect.

The following networks may be affected during the month of March:

Big Ten Network
TBS Superstation
USA Network
Spike TV
Comedy Central
Fox News Channel
ABC Family Channel
Discovery Channel
History Channel
The Learning Channel
Food Network
Hallmark Channel

There is nothing that can be done from a technical standpoint to prevent the sun outage effects. Fortunately, however, sun outages are a short-term problem and end when the equinox is over. Please contact us if you have any questions or watch this video for more information.

smartphoneIntroducing the Convenience of Voicemail to Email

More ways to manage your messages with efficiency—whether you’re at home, work or on the road—from any computer or smartphone! The solution is LPC Connect Voicemail to Email.

This convenient combination lets you:
• Receive an immediate email notification with the Caller ID information and an attached audio file so you can listen to your LPC Connect Voicemail on your smartphone.
• Check your voicemail messages from any computer.
• Listen to your voicemail messages online.
• Save important voicemail messages on your computer.

Best of all, Voicemail to Email can be added at no cost if you are a current LPC Connect Voicemail subscriber. It’s simple to add Voicemail to Email to your current voicemail service! Please contact LPC Connect Customer Service at 319-342-3369.

“Our family absolutely loves the Voicemail to Email feature. It allows us to work and travel away from home, but stay in contact with those that need to reach us. Whether we are home or away, we still know what is happening because our voicemail messages are delivered to our smartphones and laptops.”
– Jennifer

For more details on Voicemail to Email or to add LPC Connect’s Voicemail Service, call 319-342-3369 or email us your request to

Is Outdated Hardware Affecting your Internet Connection?

wireless routerIf you’re experiencing “drops” in your Internet connection or the speed seems to have slowed down, it may have nothing to do with your service from LPC Connect. The culprit could instead be outdated hardware in your home, namely your wireless router. For example, some older routers have a speed cap limiting the maximum Internet speed possible.

If you need to update your wireless router, contact the local experts at LPC Connect. Simply call to arrange a convenient installation appointment and our technicians will secure your wireless network to protect it from hackers and bandwidth theft.

Please call us at 319-342-3369 for more information about LPC Connect’s Wi-Fi networking service or troubleshooting help.

New Channels Added to LPC Connect's Watch TV Everywhere

LPC Connect Internet Customers Experience Free Internet Upgrade

LPC Connect announced that it has raised internet speeds for all Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond high-speed Internet customers throughout La Porte City, Mt. Auburn, and the surrounding rural areas they serve. The company also noted that this Internet speed increase benefits both residential and business customers for no extra cost and transition will be complete by September 1, 2015. There is nothing customers need to do, as their speeds will increase automatically.

“As customer demands and technology evolve, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the online experience of our customers. Upgrading Internet speeds to our broadband customers gives them more speed for chatting, surfing, streaming, gaming, or downloading – all from a provider that supports the local community and believes that our customers deserve the best in their broadband service,” said Chris Hopp, LPC Connect’s general manager.

The number of devices connecting to the Internet by customers in their homes and businesses are increasing exponentially based on the results of LPC Connect’s annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. LPC Connect surveyed their consumers and 57% of the respondents own three or more Internet-connected devices in their household or business, and that number is expected to keep rising.

LPC Connect provides unlimited Internet plans, while many providers are choosing to meter broadband plans and imposing data caps on their Internet plans. This means their subscribers are being charged overage fees when their broadband usage goes over a certain limit.

“It’s our honor to serve rural Iowa with increased broadband speeds and contribute to the local economy. LPC Connect employees are the people you will likely run into at school sporting events, community celebrations, and donating their time to a variety of local charitable organizations. It’s important that while customers may not always be familiar with tomorrow’s technology, they will have a familiar hometown company such as LPC Connect to rely on,” said Hopp.

LPC Connect is locally owned and has been providing customers with telecommunications services for over 100 years. The company locally employs eight people and is guided by a five-person Board of Directors. For more details about LPC Connect, visit or call (319)342-3369.

FusionTV’s WatchTVEverywhere Offering Continues to Expand

Networks available on WTVE at LPC Connect

LPC Connect is excited to announce these new networks now available on the WatchTVEverywhere* platform. This summer, watch TV without the TV!

NBC News
NBC Sports
ABC Family
Disney Junior
Disney XD

Getting started has never been easier. Visit to create a free account, username and password. Sign up today or call Barb or Heidi at (319) 342-3369 for more information.

*FusionTV subscription required. Live programming not available with all networks. Mobile data rates may apply when accessing a wireless network. WatchTVEverywhere is included with a qualifying FusionTV plan ($84.95 Premier package). Please call 319-342-3369 to upgrade to the FusionTV Premier package. Some restrictions apply.

Iowa Network Services, Inc. (INS) presented an INS Charity Grant Program award to La Porte City FFA Historical & Ag Museum

INS Grant presented to FFA Historical & Ag Museum

Iowa Network Services, Inc. (INS) presented an INS Charity Grant Program award to La Porte City FFA Historical & Ag Museum. The grant was presented in conjunction with LPC Connect who sponsored the grant application. INS created the grant program in 1993 to increase service and support to the rural Independent Telecommunications Companies and the communities it services. For more information about the Iowa Network Services Charity Grant Program, visit

Pictured are Mike Stevens, Julie Miller, Joe Craig, Heidi Barz and Barb Bader.