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Fiber To The Home Frequently Asked Questions

Why is LPC Connect constructing fiber to the home?
As your local telecommunications provider, LPC Connect is installing the most advanced technology – fiber optics – to ensure that residents continue to receive the highest-quality service at the most affordable rates. The fiber optic network will deliver great sound quality and high levels of reliability. In addition, the fiber network will provide the increased bandwidth needed to offer faster Internet speeds and whatever exciting new services the future brings.

What's so great about fiber optics?
Business and home owners are using technologies that require more and more bandwidth. Fiber optics is the only medium that can keep up with the bandwidth demand. A single hair-thin optical fiber can carry up to 1,000 times as much information as copper (traditional telephone network material) or coax (traditional cable television network material). Fiber networks are extremely reliable and can carry multiple voice, data, or video streams into the same house at the same time!

When will my services be transferred to the fiber optic network?
Watch your mail for a letter that announces that we are ready to schedule your activation. Once you receive this letter, the sooner you call, the sooner we will be able to connect you to the Fiber To The Home Network.

I like my service the way it is now. Do I have to switch over to fiber?
Yes. LPC Connect is moving all of its services over to the fiber network for those customers living in La Porte City. There will be no additional charge to customers who subscribe to telephone or telephone and Internet service associated with this construction.

What will happen when LPC Connect arrives to activate my fiber optic network service?
After you schedule an appointment to have your fiber service activated, technicians will arrive at the appointed day and time. You need to be present during the activation as our technicians will need access inside your home or business. The technician will bring a power cord into your house through the basement to an electrical outlet. The technician will bring an Ethernet cable to where your DSL modem is currently located. (With fiber optics, you will no longer need a modem.)

What kind of Internet speed will I have after you upgrade my house to fiber optics?
Fiber has the capacity to deliver virtually unlimited Internet speeds. The Internet speeds that are available when the network construction is complete will be influenced by customer demand and the competitive environment. We anticipate the Internet speeds will more than double.

Will I be charged for the fiber optic network activation?
There will be no additional charges for your upgrade to fiber optics unless you choose to add new services to your account. However, if you choose not to allow LPC Connect to construct fiber optics to your home or business, there may be additional monthly fees, construction fees, or termination of your service associated with that decision in the future.

Is LPC Connect going to offer television service?
Yes! LPC Connect’s FusionTV is one of the many new services that a fiber optics network will enable LPC Connect to offer customers. Thanks to the state-of-the-art fiber optic network, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear picture and sound quality. FusionTV provides a new and enhanced television viewing experience that includes:
  • TV Caller ID
  • Whole-Home DVR
  • Parental controls
  • Exclusive weather and gaming apps
All from a local team that is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

>> Download the LPC Connect Fiber Optic FAQs Sheet
>> Download the LPC Connect Fusion Brochure