Updated Mail Software Settings

LPC Connect is improving the security and resiliency of our email offering by establishing new secured settings for customers who use email software like Outlook or Apple Mail to access their @lpctel.net email account.

To take advantage of the improved settings in your email software, we need you to make some minor changes to the software. These changes are outlined in the guides below. If you require assistance, you can reach our 24/7 Internet Tech Support at 1-855-558-9863.

Quick Settings - lpctel.net
Incoming Servers
IMAP Server Settings:
• Server: mail.lpctel.net
• Port: 993
• SSL: Enabled
• Username: user@lpctel.net
POP Server Settings:
• Server: mail.lpctel.net
• Port: 995
• SSL: Enabled
• Username: user@lpctel.net

Outgoing Server
SMTP Server Settings:
• Server: smtp.lpctel.net
• Port: 465
• SSL: Enabled
• Username: user@lpctel.net
   User/Pass Authentication Required

Contacts and Calendars Client Settings
CarDAV Server Settings:
• Server: mail.lpctel.net
• Username: user@lpctel.net
CalDAV Server Settings:
• Server: mail.lpctel.net
• Username: user@lpctel.net

Please find tutorials for updating common email client software below:

Apple MacMail
Microsoft Outlook 2007
Microsoft Outlook 2010
Mozilla Thunderbird
Microsoft Windows Live Mail
Microsoft Windows 8.x Mail App

If you have a smart phone you can set up the native email software with these settings as well. The Gmail application will not support these changes.

Android - Setting up the Native Email App

Accessing Your LPCTel.net Email

Have you considered using webmail to access your LPCTel.net email account?
Webmail can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection and on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. You can login here: