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Calling Features

Our selection of calling features makes it easy to customize your phone service and better manage your calls. Popular choices include Voicemail to record messages when you're away from home or on another call, and Caller ID to show who's calling before you pick up the phone. Few things are as powerful as the sound of a cherished voice. With LPC Connect, you can relax and keep those conversations flowing. We call that value.

Many of LPC Connect's services can be tailored into a package to save you money.
Call (319) 342-3369 for details.

Voicemail Gold - $5.95 per month
Voicemail takes messages while you’re on another call, not at home or simply unable to get to the phone. You can retrieve your voice messages at any time; from any touch-tone phone, through your email, listen to voicemails on your FusionTV service, or through the convenient Internet portal.
>>See the Voicemail brochure for more information.

Caller ID Name & Number - $5.95 per month
Finally, a calling feature that lets you identify the origin of incoming calls before you answer them. Caller ID name & number displays the telephone number and the name of incoming callers on a special display telephone or call display unit. With Caller ID you can know who is calling before you answer the call. Caller ID requires the purchase of a Caller ID box that connects to your phone. Prices for displays vary, but normally range from $10 to $50.

Caller ID Number Only - $4.95 per month
Caller ID displays the telephone number of incoming callers on a special display telephone or call display unit. Caller ID requires the purchase of a Caller ID box that connects to your phone. Prices for displays vary, but normally range from $10 to $50.

Call Waiting ID - $2.00 per month
Call Waiting ID lets you know you have a call and even tells you who it is when you're already on the phone. When you're on the phone and someone else calls, first you hear the call-waiting tone followed by a high-pitched tone. Your compatible Caller ID unit or phone screen displays the name and number (in certain cases, number only) of your incoming call. You decide whether or not to interrupt the first call. Call waiting and Caller ID N/N must be present to take advantage of Call Waiting ID.

Call Waiting - $2.00 per month
Call Waiting service alerts you to incoming calls while your line is in use. The service signals you with a tone.

Call Forwarding Basic - $2.00 per month
Allows you to program your calls to ring at another number. Each time a call is forwarded, your phone will make one short ring. You can make calls normally from your telephone when it is in Call Forward mode. Call Forwarding takes precedence over Call Forwarding Busy Line & Call Forwarding No Answer.

Call Forwarding Busy - $2.00 per month
Call Forwarding Busy automatically redirects your incoming calls to a predesignated telephone number or to Voicemail when your line is busy. It can be easily turned on or off and you can change the forwarding number anytime.

Call Forwarding No Answer - $2.00 per month
Call Forwarding No Answer automatically redirects all calls to another telephone number or to Voicemail when your telephone is not answered. You can easily change the forwarding number and the amount of times that your phone will ring before your call gets forwarded.

Distinctive Ringing/Teen Line- $2.00 per month
Distinctive Ringing allows you to have two telephone numbers assigned to a single line and provides up to two distinctive ring patterns. With distinctive ringing you can know who the call is for as soon as your telephone rings.

3-Way Calling - $3.00 per month
3-Way Calling allows you to add a third person to any call. It is a perfect feature to coordinate family schedules or hold a telephone conference with business colleagues.

Speed Call-8 - $2.00 per month
Speed Call-8 allows you to program eight telephone numbers ( local or long distance) into your Speed Calling list. Then, you can reach those people by dialing just one digit.

Speed Call-30 - $3.00 per month
Speed Call-30 allows you to have up to 30 numbers in your Speed Calling List.

Selective Call Forwarding - $2.00 per month
Selective Call Forwarding allows you to decide which calls get forwarded to the number of your choice. You can program a list of numbers that you want forwarded and all other numbers will ring at your phone as usual.

Selective Call Rejection - $2.00 per month
Selective Call Rejection allows you to program your phone to reject calls from any number you place in the rejection list. When your service is turned on, any callers in this list will hear an announcement that you are not accepting calls at this time. All other calls will ring as usual.

Anonymous Call Rejection - $2.00 per month
Anonymous Call Rejection lets you block any calls from telephone numbers that choose to block their Caller ID from showing up on Caller ID. The caller will hear a message explaining that you do not wish to receive anonymous calls. In order to call you the caller will need to unblock their number and then place the call. This feature can be useful if you want to avoid annoying telemarketing calls, however it will not block all such calls.

Selective Call Acceptance - $2.00 per month
Selective Call Acceptance allows you to program your phone so it will only accept calls from a special list of people. When your service is on, your phone will only accept calls from your Selective Call Acceptance List. All others will hear an announcement that you are not accepting calls at this time.

Automatic Call Back - $2.00 per month

If you are interested in calling features,
call LPC Connect at (319) 342-3369 and sign up today!