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With LPC Connect as your communications provider, you can look forward to an exceptional level of local customer care. We'll give your business the personal attention it deserves and meet your communications needs in a prompt and responsive manner. This deep commitment to customer care is what sets us apart from others.

LPC Connect provides one-party residence and business lines to the exchanges of La Porte City and Mount Auburn, Iowa. The customer is responsible for providing and maintaining a telephone. Our telephone service areas and rates are:

  Prefix Business Line
La Porte City 342 $24.50
Mount Auburn 475 $20.00

There is no long distance toll charge for calls between the exchanges indicated below.  When calling and EAS (extended area service) exchange, simply dial the 7-digit telephone number as listed in the directory.  Please do NOT dial DDD Access "1" or dial the operator when placing EAS calls, or you will be charged for a long distance call.

From To
La Porte City Waterloo, Dewar, Elk Run Heights, Evansdale, Gilbertville, Raymond and Washburn
Mount Auburn La Porte City

If you are interested in business telephone service,
call LPC Connect at (319) 342-3369 and sign up today!